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v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!

v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!

V110 of Track Attack is live and we can’t even explain how excited we are to release it and let you all know what it contains. Remember to let us know what you think via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. If you love Track Attack - tell a friend!

Let’s get it into the release!

  • iRacing.com* compatibility: That’s right, Track Attack is the first real-world motorsport data analysis platform to officially support simulator data and not just as a one-time, “it may work” or “we won’t stop you from doing it” but 100% fully and committed supported. This means that you can drive in iRacing, log telemetry data (of which iRacing generates .ibt files) and then import into Track Attack (along with video) and analyze it, share it, compare it and compete with others on the leaderboards. We’ve had users who have been using popular iRacing plugins that generate MoTec data files from iRacing, asking for the ability to import those MoTec files into Track Attack. With this feature, we’ve done one better - bring in the original data files straight from the source!

    There is a ton to this feature but you can get a full walk through of the experience in the demo video below or the FAQ page here.

  • virtual Sessions and Simulator Platform Track Layouts: Along with the iRacing support, you’ll notice that sessions that are imported from .ibt files are now automatically tagged as ‘virtual’ sessions (and all others are marked as ‘real world’ sessions). Further, we’ve now added nearly every iRacing track and corresponding layouts to Track Attack, ensuring that iRacing sessions only count towards iRacing specific leaderboards!

Virtual Sessions.PNG

  • Compare real world with iRacing data: Another request we’ve had from some drivers and racing teams is to be able to compare iRacing data with real-world data from the same car (or similar) they’re driving. Some are wanting to do this to work on the driver and others are trying to develop the setup of a car for specific tracks. Now, you’re one step closer to real-world and simulator correlation!

  • GPS Lat and Long Acceleration for All Sessions: A little known secret is that not all logging systems actually have accelerometers or gyroscopes, and thus when you are analyzing Lateral and Longitudinal Acceleration channel data, they are actually calculated values, from the GPS data. Other loggers do have the mentioned sensors but they sometimes do and sometimes don’t generate GPS-based acceleration channels. The end result is that we had users who wanted to compared Longitudinal acceleration with other people that have different loggers and sometimes they couldn’t. One would have GPS Lat/Long Acceleration and the other wouldn’t. NO MORE! We made changes so that no matter what, all newly imported sessions will always have GPS Lat and Long acceleration calculated (as we require GPS data to begin with) and thus, that comparison will always be available.

  • GoPro (and others) Multi-chapter video improvements: Most action camera makers use SD cards as the storage devices and they’ve formatted them to the FAT32 standard, which has a file size limit of 4GB. This means that many users who are recording in better than 720p and 30fps for more than ~20 minutes, there session ends up with multiple video files for that session. We’ve always supported and automatically would find all chapters for a single video but GoPro, along with TomTom recently updated their file naming structure and convention which broke our ability to find those additional chapters. That is now fixed!

  • Sync button now knows when you’re offline: Now when we’re trying to initiate a cloud sync, and there is no internet, the sync status changes to ‘Offline’ versus trying to sync over and over again. :)

  • Improvement to .vbo file support: We had some users report that for sessions where they sat in pre-grid or the paddock for several minutes (10+) before heading out on track (but were logging data the whole time), those session files would be imported into TA and end up with multiple sessions (versus one) because our logic didn’t handle sitting around for a long time very well. That’s now substantially improved!

  • Apex Pro File Error: Some users had some Apex Pro session files with a slightly different definition for the Apex score column/channel and that caused an error to show up. We now handle that much better!

If you don’t already have Track Attack - get started for free right here.

*iRacing.com is a registered trademark of iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations, LLC. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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v111 November 2018 Release

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