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v114 - The Assetto Corsa Release

v114 - The Assetto Corsa Release

V114 was unleashed on the world this week and here’s what’s included. If you don’t already have Track Attack, get started for free here.

Assetto Corsa Plugin and Telemetry Support

Finally! We’ve been working on this feature for months and we can finally share with everyone. Here is a quick video on the feature and detailed steps below it. You can also read more about the feature here.

There are two parts to the feature:

  1. The Track Attack Assetto Corsa Plugin

    • In v114 and all future releases, will be the plugin itself.

    • Install or update to v114

    • Click on the menu item “Simulators” —> “Assetto Corsa” —> “Install Assetto Corsa Plugin”

    • Confirm the default directory (note - we automatically select the default location where AC is installed. If you install AC in a different location, you will need to navigate to the corresponding directory)

    • That’s it! Time to go drive. When you are in AC, you can confirm the plugin is installed by navigating to “Options” —> “General” —> scroll to “UI Modules” and you’ll see the TrackAttackPlugin installed and check marked.

    • When you’re driving, you’ll see the UI module activated on the top left side

If you see this, the app is working and logging!

If you see this, the app is working and logging!

2. Track Attack Assetto Corsa Telemetry File support

  • When you are done driving and you exit a driving session, you’ll see a slight pause as the TA plugin finalizes the telemetry file. The longer your session was, the longer the pause. It’s not broken!

  • Exit AC and open Track Attack.

  • Hit the big green “Import” button at the top left.

  • Navigate to “C:/users/[your computer user name]/Documents/Track Attack Data/”

  • Select the session you want.

  • NOTE: All TA plugin generated sessions will end with .csv.gz

  • Make sure your laps show up and you select the right layout for the track (some tracks have multiple layouts)

That’s it! Track Attack will work like normal from then on. The session will be saved to the cloud and will be available to share and compare.

Hey, I imported a session but the track map and satellite view are way off. What gives?

This is why the feature took so long to complete. Assetto Corsa’s internal engine does not map tracks to specific GPS points in the real world. We are generating GPS coordinates based on AC’s internal location system which is fine for driving and data analysis but when we draw those driven lines and GPS coordinates onto the real world, they will in many cases, not match up like GPS data from real-world loggers or iRacing.

This is one of the reasons why iRacing for example doesn’t allow unofficial/mod tracks. They make sure that every point in an iRacing track corresponds with a GPS point in the real world, which takes more time, effort and money. #tradeoffs

Other awesome new features!

  1. Audio can now be enabled for session videos

  2. Porsche Precision Track App .vbo support

  3. Racechrono .vbo support

  4. XTRacing GPX Pro .csv support

  5. New Import Menu option to make it easier to find and import AIM RS2 and RS3 files (if you have RS2 or RS3 installed)

  6. New math channels are added and generated automatically if you have the available data

    1. Throttle rate

    2. Brake rate

    3. Steering rate

  7. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Racers360 + Track Attack = A More Consistent and Faster You

Racers360 + Track Attack = A More Consistent and Faster You