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New Speed Secrets Benefits for All TA Members

New Speed Secrets Benefits for All TA Members

As some of you may have heard on a recent Speed Secrets podcast episode with Billy Johnson, Track Attack is now the official data analysis software and platform of Speed Secrets.  This partnership has been in the works for some time now and Speed Secrets and Track Attack are incredibly excited to make it real but does this benefit you all?

Why the partnership?

Simply put - we share a common goal: help drivers, coaches and teams learn, improve and ultimately have fun.  We firmly believe that when people can more easily develop their skills and connect with others, they drive better, are more consistent, get faster, have fewer incidents and have more fun.  When this happens, it attracts more people into our sport and they tend to stick around longer.

Speed Secrets generates incredibly valuable content that helps people learn new tracks, drive more consistently, which leads to driving faster and learn about people all over the Motorsport industry.

Track Attack is a tool that makes understanding data/video easier regardless of what data system you might have and connects the motorsport community with seamless sharing and comparing of data.

What does this mean for each of you?

Bottom line is you’ll see a growing number of product integrations between Speed Secrets and Track Attack, for free and premium members starting now on the new Track Attack Store

Here are a few examples:

  1. Speed Secrets podcast listeners and Speed Secrets Weekly subscribers get a 30% discount to Track Attack premium with the coupon code “speedsecrets” at checkout.

  2. Free Track Attack members will have access to several Speed Secrets eBooks such as Shocks for Drivers, the Speed Secrets Endurance Racing Guide and 10% off regular pricing for past Speed Secrets Webinars.

  3. Premium Track Attack members will additionally have access to Data for Drivers webinar (a completely sold out webinar from 2018) at no additional cost and 30% off regular pricing for past Speed Secrets Webinars. 

  4. All in – free TA members can save over $150 and premium members, $250 on premium Speed Secrets content!

  5. We will be co-creating exclusive content that will only be available via Track Attack - some for free members and some for premium members.

When does this start?

For the past few months, Speed Secrets Podcast listeners can sign up for a Track Attack premium annual membership for 30% off!  Click here to purchase and use the Discount Code “speedsecrets” - all in one

Track Attack members (free and premium), can sign up for Speed Secrets Weekly and buy several premium Speed Secrets webinars at discounts only available via the new Track Attack store.  Just sign-in or sign-up for account on www.trackattack.

All Speed Secrets content, via Track Attack is accessible for purchase and viewing on www.trackattack.io

Track Attack’s goal is to release updates to the desktop application and website every month, delivering new benefits, features, performance improvements and bug fixes.  This January 2019 release will bring the first integration where existing Speed Secrets premium content will be available to Track Attack premium members. 

We’re excited to realize this partnership and while we have lots of plans and ideas, it only matters if it truly helps you all learn more easily and have more fun.  Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see from our partnership in the future.

Shoot us an email or post on our Facebook pages so that others can chime in!

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