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v109 - Auto-sync video, maps and more!

v109 - Auto-sync video, maps and more!

September 2018’s release is out and we have two huge new features and a bunch of improvements. Let’s get started!

Video auto-sync/align

For over a year now, Track Attack and Off Camber Data have had the ability to import data sessions from all major data loggers and synchronize the video associated with that data, from any camera. The problem was that a user had to manually align/sync the data and video.

It’s not too bad of a process but when you have only an hour or less between sessions, looking at the data and video as quickly as possible is critical.

Here is how auto-sync/align works:

  1. Import or open any session in Track Attack

  2. Make sure the ‘Video’ button is activated

  3. Click on the “Load Video” button

  4. Select the video that corresponds with the session

  5. Click on “Align Automatically”

  6. Let the app and your computer do it’s thing

    1. How long the synchronization takes depends on the length of the session, the size of the video file and the processing and RAM power of your computer. This process uses Artificial Intelligence methods which are processing intensive.

  7. That’s it! Press the play button at the left of the very long progress bar (this plays the data and video together).

    1. The buttons below the data view are to make adjustments to the alignment of the data only. When adjusting here, the video stays in place and you can adjust the data.

    2. The buttons below the video preview are to make adjustments to the alignment of the video only. When adjusting here, the data stays in place and you can adjust the video.

For most sessions, the initial auto-align will work well and no adjustments are needed but if the data and video are off a little, you can make adjustments as needed.

In our testing of over 100 sessions and associated video, 97% of all sessions synchronized perfectly on the first attempt, with no adjustments needed. The remaining sessions needed a slight adjustment of less than a half second.

How do I get video auto-sync/align?

This new feature comes with the latest update for all users. Free members are able to use the feature but the feature will only be available for 14 days after the initial use. From then, the user will need to upgrade to a premium membership. Premium members have unlimited access to the feature!

Aerial satellite map views

One of the most requested features from users of all levels is to take our map Widget, that shows the driven line for the selected laps and show a Google Maps type layer underneath the driven lines. Why? People want to see where they are on track with that satellite view. So we’ve finally done it and it is now available! Here’s how it works:

  1. Import or open any session

  2. Make sure you’re connected to the internet, the first time you open a session

  3. Make sure the Track Map widget is turned on

  4. That’s it! This feature is turned on by default.

Note: Internet is required when you initially open a session for the first time to retrieve the map image. That image is then cached locally on your computer, so internet is not required for viewing the aerial satellite image anytime after that. You can turn off or on this feature using the button shown below.

Aerial Map.png

But the lines are showing slightly off the track surface, and I know I didn’t go off. Is the data wrong?

Nothing is wrong. There’s a couple things going on here. First, the images that are used by mapping services like Google or Bing are not 100% accurate. They are taken from different satellites, at different times and then are stretched and pulled into grids made up by GPS coordinates. So there is inherent error at this stage. Some tracks will be in great shape and others may not.

Second, GPS receivers and technology in general are not 100% accurate either. GPS systems that have external receivers, on the top of a roof are likely to have better quality data but there is inherent error here as well, sometimes known as GPS Drift.

These two variables of margin of error, combined, mean that sometimes the driven line will look like you drove off the track by a bit BUT that doesn’t mean your data is wrong. Use this feature as guidance for where you are on track. The driven lines themselves are as accurate as they’ll get.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Improved sync: We made a massive improvement to our cloud sync process, so syncing will take much less time and not freeze up the app when doing the heavy lifting of the sync.

  • Split points: When creating a custom track layout and custom segments/splits/sectors there is no longer a limit of 7 sectors.

  • Zero Offset: Now when you click on a place in a graph, when you scroll over, it will show the delta to that point in the Current Values widget.

  • Creating New Tracks: When creating a new track/layout - the default receiver type is GPS because who doesn’t use GPS now?

  • Session import no longer includes the directory location information in the notes for the session.

  • AiM XRK DLL is reverted to an older version that is more stable.

v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!

v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!

V108 - More Premium Features

V108 - More Premium Features