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V108 - More Premium Features

V108 - More Premium Features

Last month we released Track Attack out of beta and into a premium subscription product, with a few of the premium features and capabilities "coming soon."  We're excited to announce that one of those features, is now in production.

Cloud storage and syncing of original data files

Cloud storage of the data for a session and easy access anywhere, is a cornerstone of services like Dropbox, G Drive and OneDrive.  But unlike those services, we actually aren't simply storing files, we are storing motorsport telemetry data.  When a user imports a session, we read the file and reconstruct it into our format, which then makes it comparable and shareable with other logging systems.

This means that what we actually store in the cloud is the raw data itself but not the original data file.  That file stays on the computer that was used to originally import the file and when a user logs into another computer, downloads the Track Attack software and synchronizes, they are syncing down that raw data, in the Track Attack format.  Everything is still there but that original data file is not available on that second computer.

That extra piece of mind of always having the original data file, that's what is the new feature here.  For our premium users, you have have piece of mind of not just the data in the Track Attack format but also the original data file.  So if you ever, for any reason, need to open that session file in the native software, you can.

Here is how it works:

  1. Become a premium member buy purchasing an annual license here
  2. Make sure you are signed-in to the desktop software for Mac or PC.
  3. On any computer, import your session and let Track Attack sync with the cloud.
  4. Go to any other computer, download, install and sign-in to the desktop application.
  5. After syncing is complete, open the session you want to retrieve the original data file.
  6. Right click on the session header and select "Edit Properties"
  7. Click on "Copy to..."
  8. Select the folder where you want to download the .zip file, which contains the original data file(s)
    1. Note - in some cases, like the AiM .drk file format, it includes a .drk and .gpk file.
  9. Unzip the .zip file and there you will see the original data file
V108 Original Data Files.PNG

So who has access to this?

Premium members only and the owners of the session.  This means that first, even if your session has public visibility, which means that anyone can see that the session exists (who drove, what car, what track and lap times), they don't have access to the actual data itself unless you as the session owner, share it with other individuals or teams.  Because they don't have access to the data itself, they don't have access to the original data file.

What about people I've shared the session with?

Only the session owner, who is a premium user, has access to the original data file so no, even people you've shared the session with, do not have access to the original data file.  

Bug fixes

This release also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.  Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback and suggestions!

  1. "Runs" are now called "Sessions" throughout the application.
  2. "Open Session" window, there was a column already that shows the sync status but we had no header title.  Now it is "Sync Status"
  3. There was an issue where .xrk based sessions were syncing but not being displayed in the Mac client - that now works.
  4. A number of performance enhancements on the web application.
  5. Tracks and layouts - we've added a denotation if a layout is a real-world layout versus a virtual layout (like those from simulators).  More details on why we're doing this in the near future.
  6. After importing a session and adjusting the import window width, the width of the units drop-down menu didn't resize properly.  We fixed that. 
  7. Landing page of www.trackattack.io didn't look great on mobile devices - that's fixed and we'll be optimizing the website/web app little by little each release.
  8. We got feedback from users that while many of you have driven several cars, there is usually a single default vehicle that is used. In the web-app, you now can select a vehicle as your 'default' vehicle for when importing sessions.
  9. .vbo file bug - couldn't find creation date.  Some .vbo files don't have a created on date, and that didn't allow us to read the files.  That's fixed now.
  10. Some .xrk files are not showing GPS speed properly.  There was an update to the .xrk DLL provided by AiM that fixes these issues but it also creates issues for older .xrk files.  If after this release, you're still seeing wonkiness in the .xrk files when imported, please do the following:
    1. Make sure you're running the latest AiM Race Studio 3
    2. If all else fails, export the .xrk session into .csv and import the .csv file into Track Attack.

Let us know what you all think by sending feedback to us via Facebook or email us at feedback@offcamberdata.com 


v109 - Auto-sync video, maps and more!

v109 - Auto-sync video, maps and more!

Going Premium!

Going Premium!