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Going Premium!

Going Premium!

We're excited to announce that starting today, Track Attack is moving out of beta stage and releasing the first premium plan.  Get it here!

What is not changing?

When things change, sometimes its good to be clear about what is not changing.  Though we have a ton of exciting new capabilities coming out, here is what is not changing about what you know about TA:

  1. TA will remain accessible to everyone.  Like GitHub (for those who are in the software development world), it will always be free to get started and use the core of what makes TA different.
  2. Every user, free or premium, will be able to import sessions from all the different loggers we support.
  3. Free users will still be able to create teams and vehicles, and share sessions with anyone they want. 
  4. All the analysis views you've seen before.
  5. Syncing to the cloud - users will still be able to sync data to the cloud but only up to 50 sessions.  The 51st and on session will still be available on your computer but will not sync to the cloud.
  6. Telemetry data will only be available to people you explicitly share sessions with.  People are able to see that a session exists but not the actual channel data.

What makes Track Attack premium, premium?

Premium will start at $99 USD per user per year.  Payment will be for the whole year but in a few months, we will roll out monthly billing.  Premium users will be able to...

  1. Sync an unlimited number sessions to the cloud.
  2. Create private sessions, teams and vehicles.  Private things are only visible to those who explicitly have access to that session, team or vehicle.
  3. We will cloud sync and store the original data file that was imported.  So no matter what, you'll always have the .i2, .xrk, .drk, etc... files.
  4. Soon, we will be releasing to premium users only:
    1. Storage and syncing of 500GB worth of videos.
    2. Create awesome videos with data overlays on the desktop client or automatically via the cloud.
    3. Automatically sync data and video from any camera

What happens now?

Before the end of the day today, the desktop software will start enforcing the synchronization policy.  If you have more than 50 sessions, you'll be alerted that you must upgrade to premium to sync any session over the 50th session.  You can still use the software locally - everything will keep working.  It is only that sessions 51 and up will not get synced online.  

On the website, as you manage or create sessions, vehicles or teams, you'll see that those features are grayed out and links to upgrade to unlock the feature.

When you buy TA premium, you will get a license key that is applied to your account.  If you are signed in to your account in the same browser where you made the purchase, you'll be redirected to trackattack.io where the license key will be set for your account.  You will also get an email with the license key.  You can enter the license key to your account on your account settings, here

Thank you!

Thank you so, so much to everyone that has used TA and given us feedback, the compliments and the bug reports! We couldn't have built what we have today with out you.  We're excited to start this next phase of Track Attack and can't wait to have several more significant releases in the future!


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V108 - More Premium Features

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