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V104 - Apex Pro Track Coach Compatibility

Today we released version 104 of Track Attack, which includes several changes but wanted to show you all one specific new feature.

Apex Pro Track Coach compatibility.  If you aren’t familiar with Apex Pro, it’s this device that has built-in sensors and uses artificial intelligence techniques to essentially determine the amount of available grip.  

As you drive around a track and enter braking, turn-in and exit sections of a corner, it establishes a baseline of available grip each time you go through a corner.  The lights light up based on available grip for a given corner, first in red and as you use up the available grip, the lights turn green.

In short, you use the tool in your peripheral vision, and after a few baseline laps - try to make all of the lights green, on all corners.

It’s a great real-time tool, so you can see if you’re leaving speed on the table immediately and adjust that next lap.

Specific to Track Attack, when the Apex Track Coach is used with your smartphone, it serves as a GPS based lap timer and data logger - very similar to an AiM Solo 2.  It logs GPS speed, lat/long/vertical acceleration, rotation and the Apex Pro Score.

Within the app there are basic analysis views of the data but some coaches and drivers want a more in-depth analysis tool, when working with students and clients.  Enter Track Attack!

So in the V104 release of Track Attack, we now support Apex Pro .csv files.  To get your Apex Pro data into Track Attack, simply:

  1. Record a session with the Apex Pro device connected to your smartphone.

  2. After the session is over, click on the ‘Data → Post Session Review’ menu option of the home screen.

  3. Find the session you want to analyze and swipe the row item to the left, like if you were deleting a text or email in your iphone.

  4. Select the “Export” Option in blue.

  5. Choose however best you can get the .csv file that is generated to the computer that is running Track Attack.

    1. I personally emailed the file to myself.  If you’re on an iPhone and a Mac, you can easily AirDrop the files to yourself.  

  6. Once you have the file on your computer, Open Track Attack and click the big green “Import” button.

  7. Select the .csv file.

  8. Make sure the right layout for your session is selected, as some tracks have multiple layouts or configurations.

  9. Select the right driver and car.

  10. Click Import Session

And that’s it!  Your session is now in Track Attack and you can analyze, share and compare with other drivers and coaches, regardless of what data logging system they have.  For example, the most common data views are to pull up GPS Speed, Lat Acceleration, Long Acceleration and Apex Score.

2018-06-08 (6).png

A common scenario is to have a coach go out and put down some reference laps for data and for the Apex device.  Then your goal is to figure out where and how you’re losing time, which you should be able to easily see from the time lost chart, by pulling up the Apex score channel. and in real-time, when you're out there driving!

Check out Apex Track Coach at https://apextrackcoach.com/ and get your Apex Track Coach now!

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

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Going Premium!

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