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v100 - Manual Channel Mapping!

v100 - Manual Channel Mapping!

As we've grown, we've had users from several classes, forms of motorsports, languages and countries.  This variety has shown us that while we've tried to be as comprehensive as possible in supporting channel types and names, we needed a more scalable solution.  Track Attack can detect hundreds of channels and multiple ways in which these channels are defined and assigned to their corresponding data sets.  

For example, Throttle Position is a critical channel but different data systems will have different standard naming conventions, on top of that, a user can go in and customize the channel name.  Throttle position could be called 'TPS', 'Thrott_pos', 'Throttle', 'Scion_TPS' and potentially hundreds of different variations. 

New feature: manually assign channels

v100 is all about enabling users to bring in data from any system and with pretty much any channel name or type and having them work in Track Attack.

How does it work?

Step 1: Import a session file like normal

Click the "Import" button with a big green circle.  Select your data file and once the file is processed, make sure that the right track and layout is selected for your session.  

Step 1 - Import Session File.PNG

Step 2: Note the new tab called "Unmapped Channels"

If Track Attack finds channels that we aren't able to assign to known channels, we highlight them in this new tab.  The tab indicates with a warning sign and a number, if and how many channels were found that we couldn't map to our known channels.

Step 2 - Notice the new tab.PNG

Step 3: Assign mapping to channels

Within the new tab, select the drop down menu.  The first set of channels, that don't have a "New" prefix, are the channels that were did detect and map to a channel.  You can select one of these, in case we might have incorrectly mapped a channel.

The next section of channels all have a 'New' prefix.  This means if you select one of these values, it would be adding a new channel to your data set.  They are listed in alphabetical order and note you can resize the dialogue box in case a channel name is not fully displayed.  

You can also assign a unit type to the channel to make sure the data axis is properly displayed when you select that channel.

Step 3 - select the right channel and unit for the unmapped channels.PNG

Step 4: Import Session

That's it!  After you've imported the session, all of your channels will now be available to been show in your various analysis views. 

Track Attack will remember the mapping association you made for these channel names and will automatically assign that mapping moving forward. 

Channels fully available.png

If there are channels that weren't mapped but you didn't care about, you can just leave those as 'unmapped' or 'ignored'.

What if I made a mistake and mapped the channel incorrectly? 

Right now, the ability to change the channel mapping doesn't exist, but you can change the unit type by selecting the channel properties.  We are working on editing the channel mappings after importing, which will be available in the next release of Track Attack.

Let us know what you think by messaging us on Facebook here.   Have fun and see you on the track!


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