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v111 November 2018 Release

v111 November 2018 Release

Today we released v111 of Track Attack for our PC and Mac The theme of the month?  Any data system!  We see significant growth on the data loggers we currently support and requests for more, so that’s what we’re doing and making our current support better.

  1. Improved iRacing telemetry support – hard-coding of iRacing track layouts to Track Attack track layouts

When we initially released support for iRacing .ibt telemetry files, we used the same method for determining what track and layout the session could correspond with as we do with real world data sessions.  We look at the GPS coordinates and based on our track database, determine first what official track layouts might be the right one (an educated guess) and based on the lap times generated, we show the one we think it is but ultimately give the user the power to change the track layout.  With iRacing, we know for sure, the exact track layout that was driven based off the iRacing track layout ID (a property in the .ibt file), so we mapped all of our iRacing track layouts to the corresponding ID and now, when you import an iRacing session, it will hard lock the track layout based on that ID. Did’n’t know we supported iRacing data? Check out how it works here!

This is important for data integrity, sharing, comparing data (comparing sessions from Sonoma Long with Sonoma IRL isn’t very useful) and the track leaderboards!

iRacing Laguna Leaderboards.PNG

2. Two new data file types supported!

We now support .csv files that are generated from two new data loggers:

  • CMS Lap Timer, a popular smartphone data logging app for iOS and Android.  CMS Lap Timer supports OBD2 channels via various dongles and external GPS receivers for higher quality and frequency data logging.

  • Race Technologies, a data logging system that is used widely by amateur and professional racing teams across the world.

To import these file types, simply export the .csv’s from the respective apps, get those files onto your computer and then hit the big green “import” button like always.  From then on, Track Attack will take over and work like you’re used to.


3. Segment/Split time deltas in Split versus Graph views

Some astute users noticed that when they were comparing two laps in a session in the Split View, the time difference in a given split would be X.  Then, when they would look at those same two laps in the Graph view, the time delta between those two laps in that same split would be Y.  That didn’t make sense!

Long story short, what we look at in the two views of the data (Graphs and Splits) are fundamentally different.  In the split views, we are looking at the time it took for the GPS receiver to travel from the coordinates that define the start and end of the split.  In the graphs view, when looking at two laps in Distance mode and looking at the Time Lost graph, we are looking at and measuring the difference in time to travel a given distance, using the fastest lap selected as the benchmark.

  • Further, if you notice a button called “Stretching” – this is a function that stretches the laps that have a shorter distance (usually the fastest one) to at least in the graph, look as if they have same distance (we are stretching the plot).

Since no two laps are ever really the same (even among the best of the best, it is rare to have a driver drive the same line within inches of a target, consistently), the distance between two laps in a given segment is regularly going to be different.

Graph Split Delta Time Bug Fix.png

To give a higher chance of the time deltas between multiple laps in the graph view equal the delta times in the splits view, we’ve reintroduced segment level stretching in the graph view (for car mode only).


4. New Close All Sessions button

Ever have a bunch of sessions open for a give track and you want to wholesale close everything and start looking at another track or driver?  It was super annoying to have to close each session, one by one.  Now under the “File” menu item, there is a new “Close All Sessions” button that will close all sessions that are currently open, with one click!

Close All Sessions Feature.gif

 5. Off Camber Data Updates

Off Camber Data is our product that is targeted specifically for karting applications, where we have an edition made specifically for Unipro devices and another one for Alfano devices. We made several updates to each edition:

  • Unipro edition:

    • OCD is the official analysis software for Unipro devices and since early 2018, was shipping with the option to connect to the Track Attack cloud to store all data online and easily share data with others.  To have fewer disruptive updates, we had not shipped cloud syncing improvements until this release.  This release brings all Unipro devices up to date with the latest and higher performing cloud sync functionality.

    • Because OCD is packaged as part of buying a Unipro device, all OCD for Unipro license holders are now treated as premium Track Attack members with all premium functionalities.

  • Alfano edition:

    • OCD for Alfano devices is not included as part of the purchase of an Alfano device and thus is a post-purchase add-on, so this edition has all of the latest cloud sync features and functionality.

    • There was a bug in terms of how when multiple temperature channels were being viewed in the graphs view, they weren’t always showing up properly.  This is fixed.

6. Minor bug fixes

  • For iRacing sessions, we were not consistently calculating GPS Lateral Acceleration, this is now happening.  If you want GPS lateral acceleration for previously imported sessions, open the session, right click the session header, select “Edit Session” and click “Reimport”.

  • Importing multiple sessions without fully importing the sessions file would cause the Import window to get into a bad state.  A user would have to close down the whole application and re-open before the import window would start working properly again.  That is now fixed!


New Speed Secrets Benefits for All TA Members

New Speed Secrets Benefits for All TA Members

v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!

v110 - Bridging the real and virtual world's - iRacing Telemetry Support!