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Launch Engaged: Indiegogo Campaign

Launch Engaged: Indiegogo Campaign

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We've been working hard on the new Track Attack service.  Where we've shifted from a mobile app, which allows drivers of all levels to get GPS based lap times, record video and access basic analysis, to our new service.  Our mission was and continues to be 'help drivers get faster, faster'.

 After speaking to hundreds of prospects and users, we realized that many people have and will continue to invest in expensive hardware and they don't want to switch, for several reasons.  However, drivers still desire to get faster, share/compare data and connect with others in the motorsport community.

So, that's what the new Track Attack service all about?  We encourage users to keep using their hardware and we'll provide:

1.     Cloud Storage: A way to store all of your data and video in the cloud and access it anywhere, on any device. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your laptop or misplacing your phone.

2.  Cross-Device Compatibility: Our service makes session data from all the major data acquisition systems, such as Bosch, MoTec, automatically comparable.  This doesn’t require emailing of files, exporting to .CSV or any kind of manual manipulation.  All a user has to do is simply upload their data into the Track Attack service.

3.  Teams and Sharing: A way to easily share data that is now automatically comparable with other drivers and within teams. Teams that are formed can simply hit 'share', enter a user or team handle and that's it!  The next time a user syncs with the cloud service, they automatically have all access to the data shared with them.

4.  Data + Video: The best analysis solution available, which pairs data and video, period. Not only is the new Track Attack analysis software focused on the top data views that will help 90%+ of all drivers, at all levels, but video is core, rather than an afterthought.  Drivers and teams can make better sense of the data because their data and video are seamlessly and forever paired.

5.     Awesome Movies: Drivers want to share their experiences and show appreciation for their sponsors.  The new Track Attack enables just that, without having to buy or use expensive video editing software. We're building the easiest way to create awesome driving videos, with customizable data overlays or showcase your fastest lap. 

6.     Community: There are countless driving forums, groups and blogs. Our vision for the Track Attack community is the place for drivers and fans to go to when they want to learn about drivers, tracks, cars, clubs and driving- against data.  This will be the place to connect with driving nuts all over the world, based on real driving data and video. Drivers will have the opportunity to create a profile to share their top accomplishments, videos, pictures and racing times. 

Mock-up of the Web Version of TA

Mock-up of the Web Version of TA

We need your help!

We've got the foundation built and are working literally around the clock, to make an initial version of this new Track Attack, a reality.  We have an awesome team, with engineers all over the world who are dedicated to this vision but we can't do this without you.

1. Sign up for the beta 

We're currently in a private alpha with dozens of users who are beating up the service to make it awesome.  In the next few weeks, we will be opening up a public beta, where anyone will be able to sign up, import their session data, use the service and provide feedback to shape the new service.  Sign up to be invited to try the beta when it launches!

2. Tell your friends about Track Attack

Tell your friends, create teams, share data with folks who aren't on the service yet. The more something gets used - the more users become a part of it and more value is created for each individual and everyone as a whole. 

3. Pledge to our Indiegogo campaign

We officially kicked-off our Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the new Track Attack service. We are currently building this solution and have real, working code, being used by people all over the world now. We don't want to charge a cent until we know we've built something that people want.  By having tons of people using the service for free in the public beta stage, and providing a way to gather feedback - we can build the right service.  But in order to fulfill our vision we need funding to keep working, while we're not charging.  

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